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KF0AER - Tom K
Nov 22, 2021
In VarAC discussion forum
Hello All, I enjoyed my first couple of QSOs yesterday with W1IZZ and W2JON. Thanks, guys. I am trying to learn the behavior of the program, especially the way it responds to connection requests. For example, when I I have VarAC running but I'm away from my desk, I may return to see an "Incoming Connection Request. Hold tight." The next line in the data stream says, "NO LUCK. Maybe next time." I assume that is another station trying to connect with me. But I can't tell who it is or what happens with that connection. If I have my "I'm away" box checked, does that station automatically receive my away message? That is my assumption. But perhaps it's not the case. Does the "NO LUCK" message in my stream indicate that our connection just failed? So my station did not send an "away" message? I indicate the option to 'leave a message' but maybe they never see that, or can't do it because my station won't connect with them? Now I am thinking that "INCOMING CONNECTION REQUEST" indicates that my station is automatically trying to respond to someone. But I don't have to do anything until the connection is made. If it works, I'll see the station call sign, etc. Is that correct? Just trying to figure out the logic. Thanks in advance. Tom - KF0AER

KF0AER - Tom K

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