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VarAC Windows Installer prerequisites

(For a ZIP package for Linux/Windows/Mac/Pi package, click here)

Windows 8.1 and above

(some hams reported that Win7 also works)

.NET framework 4.X or above

VARA-HF 4.8.7 or higher / VARA-FM 4.3.7

Optional: FLRig / OmniRig (V1.2 only)

1280 X 800 screen resolution or higher & 10MB of disk space.
Being open to engaging in real conversations with ham radio operators, rather than just exchanging reports as in FT8 🤣

Download VarAC: About Us

Download VarAC Windows Installer

(For a ZIP package for Linux/Windows/Mac/Pi package, click here)

Please fill this Download form. 

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Download VarAC: Get in Touch
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