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VarAC Terms of Use

  • Selling of VarAC, whether standalone or integrated, is prohibited.

  • Reverse engineering of the software is not allowed.

  • Copying any part of the software is strictly prohibited.

  • Modifying the software files is not permitted.

  • It is forbidden to distribute VarAC through any means other than the VarAC official website (

  • Please note that I bear no responsibility for any damage to your computer or transceiver.

  • By submitting your email, you permit its use for news, updates, and marketing.

  • Show courtesy to your fellow ham radio operators by avoiding the use of offensive language, discussing politics, or engaging in any behavior that deviates from the amateur radio regulations.

  • You MUST use an authorized copy of the VARA modem software. Either free or paid version.

  • VarAC is free for non-commercial use ONLY. For commercial use, please contact us.

That's it. Enjoy VarAC :)

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