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VarAC Extensions

Created by VarAC users for VarAC users

Extensions: Welcome

Become a VarAC contributor

The VarAC team welcomes developers to innovate by creating plugins
and extensions that enriches the VarAC user experience.
Read more about how to integrate with the VarAC core data engine.

Extensions: Accessibility Policy

Extensions library

The following extensions were developed by VarAC community members. The VarAC team is not responsible for their quality. Please make sure you follow the license agreement of the extensions you use which is determined by the extension author.

Extensions: Accessibility Policy

VarAC Bot

By Sergio Dias, CR7AXH (31CT021)

Receive VarAC real-time alerts on the go through the Telegram instant messaging mobile app. Receive Beacons, CQs, Broadcasts, Vmails and VMail relay notification with SNR and related info. Alerts are sent ONLY to your private Telegram account.

Launch date: 24/2/2023

Type: Open source

Project page: LINK


VarAC Cloudlog Uploader

By Kim Huebel, DG9VH

VarAC Cloudlog Uploader is a script that starts a service to upload log-entries from VarAC to your Cloudlog-instance.

Launch date: 22/7/2022

Type: Open source


VARA Radio Web Services (VRWS)

VRWS server is designed to bridge between VarAC users and the internet. By running a VRWS server you can allow other VarAC users to connect you and surf the web.

Launch date: 14/5/2023

Type: Open source

Extensions: Services
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