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Dec 02, 2021
In VarAC discussion forum
Irad, I really like what you have done with this application. It has a very nice interface - nicely laid out and pleasant to use. Please consider the following modification. Is it possible to add a configuration setting that would suppress the startup action that unceremoniously slams the first frequency in the list into the VFO? First, I think it is a bit obnoxious to do so. An immediate turn-off for me. Secondly, it breaks the first commandment of remote control: The remote controlling application shalt not alter anything in the system to be controlled until the operator explicitly initiates it. While this amateur radio scenario is not extremely critical it is still disturbing to experience this action. Consider that breaking this commandment is the number one cause of dramatic events similar to Bhopal and Three Mile Island. Respectfully, Charlie KB3CO


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