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Aug 20, 2022
In Feature requests - Archive
The present procedure in order to monitor channel traffic is rather complicated. There should be a simple button that would allow to decode the channel traffic in the case you only want to listen. All other digital modes are transparent and you can listen to whatever QSO is on a given frequency. Why is this not possible with VarAC ? I figure VARA does not allow this ? 73 Ezio K3EK / F5MWA
May 17, 2022
In Bugs - Archive
Both buttons are not working in my FTDX10 setup. VARA's tune button however is operational and everything works fine until now. Has anybody else used these new features ? 73 Ezio K3EK
Feb 25, 2022
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
Hello everybody, I'm having troubles with VarAC and my FT-991A. My setup works fine with Winlink and has previously worked with the first VarAC release. Since the 3.x release I cannot transmit but can receive normally other stations calling CQ. The FT-991A is configured for Data. OmniRig works perfectly and frequency is synced ok. My audio codecs are ok for I use them with Winlink. When I use the VARA soundcard tune button in Winlink all works fine. I can adjust the ALC level without any problem but this is not possible with VarAC. I do not understand why VarAC is not able to pipe the audio output codec to my FT-991A. Any suggestions ? Thanks, 73 Ezio - F5MWA / K3EK
Jan 06, 2022
In Bugs - Fixed
Hello there, New VarAC user but have been operating VARA from the beginning. Using FT-991A. Rig sync ok, it switches to the right frequency and to the right mode. (D-U). The PTT test in VarAC is ok and the tune button in VARA switches the TX on. When I try to call CQ nothing happens. In the command stream appears "wrong" and TX is not activated. Any clues why ? Thanks - Ezio - K3EK
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