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Jun 26, 2022
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
I have CAT control working. I have the setting set as described in various manuals and videos. However when I call CQ the transmit light illuminates, relays click and my power meter shows 0 watts going out. I assume the signal is not getting modulated. I do know know what to check, but as of now I am getting too frustrated. I double checked the transmit of the radio and it puts out 21 watts via wsjt-x for FT8. Any help would be appreciated. FB group made a few suggestions. None worked. Radio: FT-891 SignaLink for audio Thanks - 73 w4wdi
Jun 19, 2022
In Bugs - Archive
My system will not allow downloading of the files. It says it cannot trust the URLs. Here is one example and this is only one of them. This is a PDF file. The issue happens with all files including the program files as well. The URLS are all different and long: I am running eero Secure. I have to switch to my cell phone hotspot to download the files and each one is different and gets stopped. Entering every file URL would be so time consuming. Look forward to your solution. Thanks!
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