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Kyle - KR1FLE
Mar 10, 2023
In Feature requests - Archive
When qsying off of the slots to use 2300hz, we have to decide on a frequency, QSY, disconnect, change to 2300 manually, then reconnect. Can a command be made to pick a freq and width, then hit GO, then VARAC takes it from there?
Kyle - KR1FLE
Mar 08, 2023
In Feature requests - Released
When I have my station running while I'm doing other things, I'll hear the connection request voice, so I'll drop the activity I'm doing to come over to the radio and chat, only to find out it's a ping, and not an actual connection request. Is there a way to have the text to voice say INCOMING PING or something along those lines, instead of the normal CONNECTION REQUEST?
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Kyle - KR1FLE

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