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May 23, 2022
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
I just witnessed my FT-891 transmit during an "Incoming Connection Request" message. This is very disappointing since I had the Disable PTT box checked. I run an 80 meter end fed with a multi-tap toroid to match various bands. The tap is currently set to perfectly match 40 meters, but I had switched the program over to 20 meters just to check the band for activity. Not sure if the rig has self protection against high SWR. Is this an expected event, or should I be able to trust my rig will NOT transmit when I tell it not to? As a follow-up question, I have occasionally left the program running just to see how many stations have beaconed or called CQ overnight and in the morning noticed the "Incoming Connection Request/No luck. Maybe next time" message and have wondered: Since I do not send beacons unless I am sitting at the rig, does this mean someone has randomly tried to connect with me even though I have not been active for many hours?
VarAC causing rig to transmit with "Disable PTT" enabled content media
May 07, 2022
In Bugs - Fixed
Trying to get VarAC working on a Dell laptop. Everything works (PTT, Band select, etc.) except the Left/Right (< >) Frequency buttons only work for a single press. If I select any band, the freq. changes on the rig every time. If I press the < arrow, the rig changes to the correct -750 frequency. If I then press the > arrow, the computer screen shows correct and the rig 'clicks' as if to change frequency, but the rig's screen does not move to the correct frequency. As you can see, the program is telling me it is having trouble with CAT control. I tried adding the +/- frequencies to the list, but that did not help. I am guessing the QSY U/D buttons will also not function properly. Running v.3.6.6 and CAT v2.7. Note: The program works perfectly on my desktop computer with (I believe) the same settings.
FT-891 Frequency < > control working only intermitted content media
May 02, 2022
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
In version 3.3.6 is there somewhere to change the colors for the QSY buttons? They are completely unreadable in Dark Mode.
Dark Mode readability  content media
Dec 19, 2021
In Troubleshooting
I installed Omni-Rig v.1.2 and VarAC v.2.7.2 yesterday. Every time I start up VarAC, something is forcing the Yaesu FT-891 into RTTY mode and changes the radio to the 500Hz filter. It also happens when I hit the Frequency drop-down and will not allow me to select a different freq. The Omni-Rig home page says you can create new rig .ini files. I downloaded their Rig Description Validator program, examined, and even attempted to modify the existing file, but to no avail. Note: there is no FT891-DATA.ini option for Omni-Rig. I have successfully used VARA-HF in Winlink with the SignaLink interface. Has anyone else been able to use VarAC with the 891?
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