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Carlo IK5JRZ
Mar 05, 2024
In VarAC EmComm discussion forum
If you are here it is because you know the potential of VARA combined with the VarAC program, and you can imagine how powerful using it in EmComm could be. Surely many of us already have experience with EmComm groups and many know that each country, each group, often operates in a different way in the field of emergency communications, what does not change in case of need, is the possibility of sending and receiving messages when other lines of communication fail. Here the idea was born together with PE1LUP Marcel and SV1UY (M0SUY) Dimitrios, also from the Beta Lab Team, to involve the stations already active and available, to become part of this network. What is required: Nothing, at the moment we just want to know if there is interest. We don't want to create a machine that is difficult to keep upright, but effective! If you are interested and have your say, leave your comment. Updates: Thanks Irad, now (with the next update) the stations that will be made available by EMCOMM will be recognizable, so as to have points of reference.
Carlo IK5JRZ
Mar 09, 2023
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
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Carlo IK5JRZ

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