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Sep 20, 2023
In VarAC on Linux/Pi/Mac
Well, this is 'about' the 5th time that I decided to re-re-install Varac. Got a newer one this mornnikng , 8.2.0 maybe she was. Today I tried the KM4ACK script from the download site. Then I tried the video method, then Irads site's , ideas to install. So, for todays iterations, the error alwas was aftrer install. Or after imstasll asnd restart of the system. Net Error as a header then the scroll-text-box with plentiful "Font" related lines Quit/Retry/Continue . Today, again, I DID do three methods of adding fonts for Linux/VarAC . I see the fonts installed ... the Segoe and the other method with the libraries. Before each imnstallation try, I delete the download. I delete all remnants of the files and folders associated with a VarAC install. And I search the Root-to-anchor path for remnants. Have had VarAC run 24/7 for 6 to 9 days, in the past fwiw. Eventually I get asn error at startup about not finding this or that file/App in the z:/ drive ....since I show VarAC in the .wine folder of drive_c under .wine, I don's see a reason there is nearly an image of this on the z: side of the tree. ideas please.
Jul 22, 2023
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
I'm using ver 8.0.6 and Vara 4.7.7 O/S Linux Lime Cin + 73-Linux fwiw But I am only a couple weeks into learning the Linux system. The Vara Audio-Input "Dial" is always bouncing in the RED. While I could knock off some RF-Gain, I'd far rather use A Sound-Control-Panel "Levels" slider to reduce the Audio Drive. How do you guys adjust the Vara Audio Input to avoid clipping and such from the Linux environment? Many Thanks, Bob NR4U KY
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