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Feb 19, 2024
In VarAC on Linux/Pi/Mac
I'm trying to get VarAC running on a Pi 5 running standard Raspberry Pi OS with latest patches. FWIW, I have Winlink + VARA (HF and FM) working very well in my current configuration that consists of: WINE (with winetricks) Box86 Box64 I've tried it with Linux mode enabled and disabled with the same results. Same for Advanced mode. I get a screen open with most of the fields blacked out, as you see below. (Note, I'm remotely connecting to my Pi 5 using NoMachine.) Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers and 73 de K0RvW
Trying to run VarAC on Pi 5 with Wine + Box86 + Box64

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Sep 29, 2022
In Bugs - Archive
Just started using VarAC and loving it. I'm using an Icom 7200 with CAT for rig control. (Is there a real advantage to Omnirig?) I notice whenever I launch VarAC or QSY for any reason (including switching to a different slot after CQ), it puts my 7200 into Narrow filter mode. However, I've found that the Medium filter setting is what's needed. (Yes, I'm using standard 500 Hz width.) Is there a configuration setting I can change to adjust this behavior? Would switching to Omnirig fix the problem? As it is now, I'm manually changing to Medium filter on the radio every time I QSY. Clearly, that's not optimal. That said, as long as it is set for Medium, everything runs as expected. 73 de K0RvW
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