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Digital Chat Reinvented

For fun or for EmComm

By Irad Deutsch, 4Z1AC

VarAC is available FREE of charge to amateur radio operators

For a commercial license, please contact us

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What is VarAC?

VarAC is a FREE, modern HF P2P real-time chatting / EmComm application

for the amateur radio operator

that leverages the VARA protocol

Join our online communities now:

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Solar Eclipse

Calling Frequencies

Chat rooms & Nets (USB dial)

Popular calling frequencies:

20m - 14.105 MHz 

15m - 21.105 MHz

10m - 28.105 MHz

40m - 7.105 MHz

80m - 3.595 MHz

2m - 144.950Mhz (FM)

70cm - 439.600Mhz (FM)

Weekly Broadcast-mode chat room (Net)

Sunday, 20M Slot-15 (14.108.750 Mhz)

14:00-16:00 UTC

📅 Click for a Google calendar reminder

Additional calling frequencies:

160m - 1.995 MHz

60m - 5.355 MHz (non-US)

30m - 10.133 MHz
17m - 18.107 MHz
12m - 24.927 MHz
6m - 50.330 MHz

Amateur radio frequencies are a shared resource. They're not "ours" nor "theirs". 

Please be respectful and monitor the frequency before transmitting.

You have the option to establish alternative calling frequencies in accordance with local regulations / band plans.

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VarAC main features

For EmComm related features click HERE

CQ calls

Call CQ using the VARA protocol

"Is typing"

See if your partner is currently typing

Chat gestures

Having fun while chatting with sounds & emojis

RIG Control

Supporting CAT command, RTS/DTS & OmniRig

Frequency Monitor

Monitor the frequency for ongoing QSOs

Message queue

Type as many messages as you'd like

Realtime metrics

For best QSO performance monitoring

Automatic messages

Set preconfigured welcome & away messages

Canned messages

Create predefined messages (RIG, Info...)

500/2300Hz support

Select your desired QSO bandwidth


Let other people know you are on the frequency


No more typos. Spell check as you type

Send files & images

Supporting binary files, text, Images and more

Automatic QSY

Move QSO up or down with a single mouse click

Auto QSO logging

Supporting ADIF format and popular QSO loggers

Customized look

Chose the colors/fonts you like. Use dark mode.

Multilingual UI

Supporting over 10 languages

UI modes

Simple, Advanced or EmComm


Send and receive VarAC mails


Check link validity before a QSO

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Recent VarAC coverage

(Selected publications)

Jan, 2024

Jan, 2023

Aug, 2022

Feb, 2023

Sep, 2022

Jul, 2022

April 2022

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Great chat experience

Bringing the "cool" factor into HF/FM digital chats

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There is always someone to chat with

Find out who is CURRENTLY ONLINE with VarAC using this live PSKReporter map.

Simply hop on one of the calling frequencies and shoot out a VarAC CQ call and start having fun 😊

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