On Air Sign

HF/FM Digital Chat

For fun or for EmComm

by Irad Deutsch, 4Z1AC

IMPORTANT NOTE: VarAC requires VARA-HF V4.6.2 or higher


What is VarAC?

VarAC is a FREE, modern HF P2P real-time chatting application
for the amateur radio operator
that leverages the glorious VARA protocol


Calling QRGs (USB dial)

20m - 14.105 MHz (Primary - day time)

40m - 7.105 MHz (Primary - night time)

80m - 3.595 MHz
30m - 10.133 MHz
17m - 18.106 MHz
15m - 21.105 MHz
12m - 24.927 MHz
10m - 28.105 MHz
6m - 50.330 MHz

Amateur radio frequencies are for us all.

They are not mine nor yours. ITS OURS

Please be respectful and monitor the frequency before transmitting

Car radio
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VarAC main features

CQ calls

Call CQ using the VARA protocol

"Is typing"

See if your partner is currently typing

Chat gestures

Having fun while chatting with sounds & emojis

RIG Control

Supporting CAT command, RTS/DTS & OmniRig

Frequency Monitor

Monitor the frequency for ongoing QSOs

Message queue

Type as many messages as you'd like

Realtime metrics

For best QSO performance monitoring

Automatic messages

Set preconfigured welcome & away messages

Canned messages

Create predefined messages (RIG, Info...)

500/2300Hz support

Select your desired QSO bandwidth


Let other people know you are standing by


No more typos. Spell check as you type

Send files & images

Supporting binary files, text, Images and more

Seamless QSY

Move QSO up or down with a single mouse click

Auto QSO logging

Supporting ADIF format and popular QSO loggers

Customized look

Chose the colors/fonts you like. Use dark mode.


Great chat experience

Bringing the "cool" factor into HF/FM digital chats