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VK1MK Mark
Mar 29, 2023
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
I have setup 3 profiles varac_7300.ini, varac_7100 and vara_FT817.ini. They all appear and selectable in the profile and works fine. But when I restart varAC it writes a varac.ini file and wants me to reconfigure the software with my call sign etc. Is there away you can select one of the ini files to load on default in the settings, EG when I am mobile 4WDing / camping I would like it to load the 7100 ini file every time I start varAC. When I arrive home I want to configure it to load 7300 ini file each time Running version 7.0.8 Cheers Mark VK1MK
VK1MK Mark
Jan 28, 2023
In Feature requests - Archive
A suggestion for file transfers to AWAY stations. Stations can have selected callsigns / group in a white list that can transfer files to them if their status is AWAY. Stations can also limit the file size and type of files to receive e.g, TXT, PDF, DOC, CSV, JPG, etc or any file type that meets the file size specified. This can be useful for EmCom operation as well as stations that want to share files and documents between each other. By no means this is an automated file sending suggestion. It will be initiated by the sender manually and if the sender is in the white list the file transfer will proceed. Cheers Mark
VK1MK Mark
Jan 26, 2023
In Feature requests
Hello There, One feature I find would be great, if you can key in the slot number directly instead of using the slider bar. Also regarding the Varac Log and Varac command windows. Do you find them necessary to be there? I am thinking they are taking up real estate on the GUI and the extra space can be used for a better layout for buttons etc. Maybe have an option to open them up on a separate window. Best Regards Mark
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VK1MK Mark

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