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Steven Keller
Jan 26, 2022
In Feature requests - Released
*Copied my post from Facebook in case Author is here* Hello everyone, a quick question. This maybe better sent to Irad but I will post to the group to see if anyone has found a solution. I have found it handy to use Aux Callsigns for testing, multiple stations using a ARES Group call (assigned to different facilities), etc. for EmComm. This is how I setup the multiple hospitals, EOC, Health Dept, etc. stations in our county. With that being said, Vara and Express allow Aux Callsigns but I can't get it to work in VarAC. When I edit the .ini file to the aux callsign to KC3DSO-1 from just KC3DSO, VarAC changes the callsign to KC3DSO1. Now, VarAC will still run but now the Vara Modem fails to recognize the call as registered and only runs at demo speeds. Would be handy for my stations to all be able to run VarAC with the Aux callsign to make life easy. Thanks and stay safe...and thanks Irad for a superb program! Steven Keller KC3DSO

Steven Keller

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