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Nov 30, 2022
In Feature requests - Released
This may not really be a bug. It may be just the way things are supposed to work. Earlier today I noticed my RELAY flag was RED indicating I should retrieve a message. I had to shut down the computer VarAC was running on so I did not respond to that RELAY alert. Later in the day I restarted the computer and VarAC. The RED indicator was gone. I did not have a clue who had left that message. I found a ham that is very familiar with VarAC who told me to look at the Chat log at about the time the message might be at. I did find the “…ASYNC MESSAGE…” information and retrieved the message. Is it a reasonable so-to-speak fix to have the RELAY RED flag remain alive with the content when I restart the VarAC program? Thank you for the innovative products that you have developed. 73 Bob KB6CIO
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