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Ben ten Brink
Apr 21, 2022
In Feature requests - Archive
smart beacon. It might be an idea to add a "smart beacon" to the default beacon. By default, the beacon interval time is at least 15 minutes, which is a good value in most cases. However, it can happen that a much shorter beacon interval can be useful. This could include, for example, testing for non-standard frequencies, or drawing attention to VaRAC activity on frequencies that are standard, but on which there is only seldom activity. A "smart beacon", for example, could have the following properties. 1- Beacon interval upwards adjustable from 60 sec. 2- When detecting "trafic" on the frequency, automatically switching to a lower interval of eg 300 sec. 3- Only when after a period of 60 sec. no more "trafic" detected, switching back automatically, to an interval of 60 sec.

Ben ten Brink

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