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Jun 09, 2023
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
Hello, I am looking for help to know how to use the image transfer, I find no explanation, except the screenshot you put where it seems to use "image compressor". Do you need to download a new software or this is incorporated into the new version 7.30. Is there a manual or a video explanation. Thank you F1ABL Michel
Nov 25, 2022
In Feature requests - Archive
In the new version 6.3.3 I can't find how to configure the predefined message for "I'm away". In version 6.0.8 I could configure a more personal text. Thanks F1ABL Michel
Nov 23, 2022
In Bugs - Archive
Hello, New user of VarAC on a win 10 PC, the installation is well done. I have a second PC with win 11, I installed VarAC as indicated on the site, everything was OK. Problem is with VaraHF, at the end of the installation I have a message concerning MSCoom32, see attached image. I specify that the OCX folder in Vara which contains the files are exactly the same on WIN 10 and win 11. I don't understand what's going on because everything works perfectly fine on win10. It is impossible for me to configure the sounds because Vara does not open. I would like to know if there is a solution that someone solved on his side. I couldn't find any help on the forum for this problem. Setup win10/win11 VarAC v6.2.4 VaraHF v4.6.5 (free licence) All run as administrateur as specified in the site's online help. (installation and guide) Authorization in firewall (Microsoft Defender for the 2 PC) Sorry for the translation but it is google translate that advises me. Thanks F1ABL Michel
Failed MSComm32 with win 11 content media
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