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John Sails
Nov 27, 2021
In Bugs - Archive
To be able to see Freq list I switched my CAT kenwood settings to OMNI-RIG I set up omni correct. But no TS-890s rig selection, using other model kenwoods and my other ts-590 rig, no luck. it did not work, in that is always set to FSK-R not USB-D, though it did change freq. So I switched back to CAT settings, works fine but I can't see Freq list, and have to change freq manually- no problem. I don't care that is doesn't set the Freq, in CAT mode, I can do manually, just would like to see the freq reminders. thanks john KK4SHF
John Sails
Nov 20, 2021
In Bugs - Archive
My version 2.5 does not allow me to see the other Freq in the Frequency Select Dropdown control . Its stuck on 14105. I looked in the Freq Ini file and there are 5 other Frequencies. I like to use it as a reminder and for our group chat freq. using WIn 10 and newest VARAC Rig TS-890s Kenwood, cat controls, USB CABLE. thanks john kk4shf
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John Sails

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