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Jun 16, 2024
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
Just downloaded the latest CAT file for the 7300. USB_D filter no longer functions. I have changed the filter from 2 to 3 and from 2 to 1 and changing freq always brings it back to FL2, no longer defaults to FL3
Jun 27, 2023
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
I am totally amazed at the lack of activity on VARAC. Apparently there are lots of folks with the program, the equipment and the antenna, and perhaps at sometime in the past, an interest in this mode. I see many beacons apparently put out there by computer, something like FT8, and just left to run. The band must be open, we see the beacons, SSB contacts, nets and etc. are going on. I can't help but wonder what the 20 or so people, that have beacons repeating, are doing. I am just disappointed. This wonderful mode has become my favorite and I have a hard time finding anyone to visit with. I have been a ham for over 64 years and am disappointed to see that all modes of our hobby are declining. Too much high tech that is too easy, I guess. Why bother with radios, antennas, and computers when you can just jump on the computer and talk anyplace in the world. OK, this old man is through venting. Please get on the air somewhere and let's visit.😅
May 30, 2022
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
I am unable to get auto logging to work. When I type in the location for the log address under the VARAC folder, I get a Path not Found error. I am not sure what the name of the log file is either. I have been using VARAC for some time and made lots of contacts, however none have been logged. I have downloaded every update that comes along.
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