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May 11, 2022
In VarAC - HF discussion forum
I am a relatively new Ham With a Technicians license. My background is non-technical although I was the CEO of a publicly traded software development company (MBA Columbia). Retired and approaching 82. managed to get this far with a little help. Successful with FT8 and JS8Call. Both very disappointing regarding keyboard to keyboard chats. Live in a hi-rise overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Strict HOA restrictions. Like a faraday cage. I feed a 41’ end fed wire out after dark, through a hole in the screen on my balcony. Retrieve it in the late hours before the Gestapo is aided by the light of day. I have attempted to load and use VarAC having read great things about it. So virtually no SSB I am lost! I find the instructions to be incomprehensible to my feeble brain. I run a Yaesu FT 991A. i could really use some help from a patient Elmer. email is. I would like to participate very much. please help thank you. Dave. WO4DGM
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