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VarAC for EmComm

The ultimate tool
for emergency communications

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When everything fails
VarAC delivers

VarAC is the ONLY platform that provides you with a full and holistic emergency communications solution when facing a crisis.

VarAC will do the heavy lifting of delivering your important messages

so you can focus on handling the crisis.

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Download the VarAC EmComm tactical scenarios guide

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VarAC features & values for EmComm

Reliable link

under poor conditions

Low power? Small antennas? Bad location? Portable setup? VarAC got you covered. VarAC is built from the ground up for QRP operations with challenging SNR levels. Even at -22DB VarAC is still able to maintain a link and decode incoming traffic.


Lightning fast!

VarAC provides you with the fastest HF/VHF/UHF data transfer rates on the planet powered by the VARA protocol:
HF: 1500 Bps (500Hz BW) / 7050 Bps (2300Hz BW)
V/UHF FM 13,000 Bps (Narrow BW) / 25,000 Bps (Wide BW)

Guaranteed delivery

100% rock solid

QSB? Noise? No problem. With VarAC you can be 100% certain that your messages are delivered using the VARA ARQ mode.


Spread the word fast

Send messages to one or many in a single transmission. Propagate your broadcasts through a chain of digipeaters for a wider and immediate reach. Conduct a group chat among all EmComm operators.

Realtime Alerts

Triggered by tags

Send agreed keywords to trigger a visual and sound alerts among all your EmComm chain. Make sure everyone is aware of an incident with ONE transmission.

High concurrency

Using multiple channels

No more frequencies lists that are hard to track. With VarAC All EmComm operators can dial in to a single frequency. The VarAC slot-based technology allows multiple links to take place simultaneously while VarAC drives your VFO automatically.

Constant beaconing

Track your EmComm team

Want to be sure your team is there in reach at all times? VarAC beacons will take care of that. Use Beacons as a keepalive mechanism and also to track propagation among EmComm operators.


And relay notifications

Send VarAC Mails (aka: Vmails) to one or many. Smart relay notifications that alert EmComm operators about messages that await for them to retrieve.

File transfer

For Forms, Images & more

VarAC provides lightning-fast file transfers. With VarAC you can share images, documents and forms in no time even with unattended EmComm stations.

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